Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rev Jeremaih Wright Builds $1.6 Million House On "Stolen Indian Land"

Obama’s Former Pastor Getting $1.6M Home in Retirement

Faux News Report On Pastor's Mansion

Now keep in mind, Black folks, this is "Faux News" reporting this so the man MAY actually have a $400,000 house being built in Gary, IN instead. You know how wrong Fox News can be about the truth. :-/


I called into a local radio show to talk with a White liberal preacher who was defending Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his words. Basically this paternalistic White preacher made the case that "White Americans need to understand the pain and the anger of Black Americans due to slavery and discrimination." When the anger of Blacks is heard, Whites should not go on the offensive but understand the consequences of their discrimination.

In my call i asked this White liberal pastor IF he had a message to Jeremiah Wright, a man who condemns the SYSTEM for what it does but who is BENEFITING AND CO-CONSPIRING with this same system - as his $1.6 million mansion would tend to indicate.

The response of this liberal pastor was to have "everyone check their own selves and make sure that they are inline with their own values".

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