Saturday, March 1, 2008

Barack "Nevil Chamberlin" Obama will soon see that when it comes to world wide conflict BUSH is not his enemy.

The other day when John McCain commented that Al Queda is INDEED IN IRAQ, Nevil Jr. said "Al Queda was NOT in Iraq prior to Bush's policies'.

As long as people don't cross reference OBAMA'S THEORIES with REALITY he just might get over.

Let's run back Obama's THEORIES.
He was FOR the Afghan war because "they are the ones that attacked us on 9/11". (I won't bother to parse the details at length but the fact is that Al Queda used the friendly relations with the Taliban to operate within that country but in technical terms it was not the NATION of Afghanistan that attacked us.)

Mr. Obama goes further to state that the United States should have crossed the border and invaded Pakistan as a means of capturing or killing Obama Bin Laden. ONE MAN I'll remind you.

So let me understand Nevil Jr's INTELLECTUAL War Making. Had more formerly independent Afghans and Pakistanis joined the fight AGAINST the US Invasion they would be justifiably killed because they are Al Queda. And thus since we ARE FIGHTING AL QUEDA this is in line with the "Defensive War" that Nevil Jr. is inclined to agree with.

It seems clear that Nevil Jr. is "Mr Nuance #2", following the last Democratic candidate who felt obliged to be the OPPOSITION which resulted in a perverted strategy that few but the most loyal agreed was sane.

I must ask Nevil Jr and his loyal followers a key question:

1) Are we FIGHTING AL QUEDA, the people who attacked us


2) Are we fighting Al Queda, the people who attacked us ONLY ON LANDS THAT YOU AGREE WITH?

Let us turn the war planning from the perspective of American partisan politics over to HOW THE ENEMY THINKS. (For the sake of Care Bear - in this case pretend that 'the enemy' is the Muslim Extremists, not the United States government).

Al Zhawari, the #2 man in Al Queda stated that he will fight the enemy "IN IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN OR SOMOLIA". In summary, DUDE is not so hung up on FAKE GEOGRAPHIC constraints that Nevil Jr. is.

Assuming that Nevil Jr's theories were correct and we did kill Bin Laden, Al Zhawari would be IN POWER OVER AL QUEDA NOW and a President Chamberlin-Obama would be dealing with the fight on THEIR TERMS, not HIS theories. He would be fighting Al Zhawari's strategy and in the countries that HE leads us to.

Thus the argument "Al Queda was not in Iraq prior to George Bush's invasion" strikes as the "egg sucking liberal" THEORY and INTELLECTUALIZING that is heard by Anti-war protesters on 14th and Peachtree Streets on Fridays instead of by a man who is poised to lead the most powerful military in the world.

Mr. Obama - could you please tell me - Do you REALLY support the fight against the "people who attacked us on 9/11" or is your goal to reference WHATEVER REAL WORLD ACTIONS were taken in that regard and being the OPPOSITION?

If and when YOU get into office do you believe that the Muslim Extremists are going to be pleased that the "Infidels" have a new leader and they will now follow your script?
Only in Hollywood.

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