Monday, February 4, 2008

Bush Sends $3.1 Trillion Budget To Congress - So Much For His Deficit Fighting Promises

Article: Fox News

Over the years various Bush Administration operatives released projects detailing their plans to reduce the budget deficits to near $0 over the next 7 years from the point at which they spoke. Well - funny how times change.

The Bush Administration has delivered the largest budget ever! A massive $3.1 trillion block buster budget. It has over $400 billion worth of deficits. So much for his recent 'get tough on spending' disposition.

In some strange way - I can at least respect the Democrats. They tell you that they are going to RAISE YOUR TAXES AND spend lots of money. The Bush style Republicans seek to lower taxes - a good thing - but they keep spending and spending and spending. EITHER show some back bone and make some real cuts in spending OR throw away your promises at tax cuts because they have shown little willingness to live within the financial container that they have developed.

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