Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Article: Castro Resigns From The Government Of Cuba!

For the life of me - I will never understand some things in this world. I struggle to understand why many of the most vocal operatives in America and around the world who call for justice, human rights, Democracy and FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS have a soft spot for this one Fidel Castro.

A guy who retains power over a country for 50 years and then hands over power to his brother without having any open elections in between seems to be the operator of a family owned business rather than the leader of a nation that the Left can be proud of.

Despite all of the violations of their core principles as shown in Cuba - the Left seems enamored by free education, free health care and more equal distribution of wealth - meaning nearly everyone is POOR - seems to have great redeeming value and allows them to look past these other plaguing challenges.

It is said that "Cubans have free speech"!!!.......as long as they don't CRITICIZE THE REVOLUTION. This indeed is NOT "free speech" then. The same people who warn us here in America against the "perpetual corporate wars" put on by the Military Industrial Complex are silent regarding the "50 years Revolution" that seemingly has no end. It too has a permanent state of protection against critical inspection. It too serves the purposes of the government well. They would be locked in in Cuba if they took the same position against the government there as they do here in the United States.

The sad truth is that communism and socialism is AGAINST HUMAN NATURE. In order to have these systems in place the government must implement mechanisms that SUPPRESS human nature for their system to survive.

I look forward to the future of the nation of Cuba.

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