Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why Don't Quasi-Socialists "Socialize" On A Preemtive Basis When It Counts The Most?

USA Today Article: College wealth soaring

Imagine the public outrage over the news that record corporate wealth was being amassed as a particular retailer raised its consumer prices at a rate higher than inflation? My how the Democrats currently on the presidential campaign would light into any business who dared to do so at the expense of the consuming public.

This is the true state of affairs when it comes to this nation's elite colleges and universities. They have built up handsome treasure chests of endowments while allowing their tuitions to skyrocket. Some of them have so much money that they could eliminate all tuition obligations upon all students and operate the school off of their endowment and STILL have plenty left over for what ever rainy day anyone could think of.

Why in these hollowed halls of learning where the reports of their being left leading in their educational indoctrination of their students is this allowed to happen? Where is the public outrage over this?

How many people have had the doors to their college education slammed in their face due to the financial impact of the spiraling costs of an education today?

What is also infuriating is the number of elected officials who fail to scrutinize the invoice that is being sent home from the High Educational Industrial Complex. Instead they assume their position and demand that the US government pay money to these institutions in the way of grants rather than burdening the students/consumers with loans that they are on the dime for paying back.

Where are the calls for confiscation of these large endowments and spreading them to lesser colleges? How many Historically Black Colleges and Universities are now closed for want of money while these elite colleges bask in the excess of these resources.

Why can't a quasi-socialist go into action on relevant points where it counts?

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