Friday, January 4, 2008

Media Consolidation - What????

Once again here is some information that will prove that the alarms that are now sounding toward the FCC and "This Administration" are Chicken Little-esque.

Here we have just one of the many personal talkshow services in which anyone can register and host a full fledged Internet radio talkshow. They can take calls and do everything else that you might expect from a terrestrial base radio station.

Blog Talk Radio

Now follow the logic - many of the "We own the airwaves" advocates also are critical of the advertisers on these same stations. These big corporations throw their money around to causes that they, the advocates, oppose. On the two leftwing PBS weekly muckracking shows - "Bill Moyers Journal" and "Now" both of them go out of the way to indicate that so and so is "OUR ONLY CORPORATE SPONSOR", making sure that everyone knows that they have not been bought and sold.

This service allows them to bypass any concerns of such a nature.

The challenge that they face is on RECONDITIONING their audience. Despite the fact that many of their audience are Internet active most, no doubt, still consume their talk radio via the traditional radio. There is nothing stopping them from doing so from a computer.

Also if they choose to pay these evil telecomm companies $49 per month for a wireless card they too can listen to these shows just about anywhere in the United States where there is a 2.5G cellular wireless signal. Darn - they need a computer. Another excuse. I guess we'll have to wait for the US government to purchase some of those $100 laptops and hand them out. It is their RIGHT you know.

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