Thursday, December 20, 2007

Which Iraq/Terrorism Story Is More Likely To Get The Left Riled Up?

Which of the following stories is likely to get more press attention, concern from the various Left wing organizations and attention from the leftists in America's congress?

Torture house, mass graves discovered in Iraq

Inquiry into destroyed CIA tapes

Of course we all know which.
Do you find it perverted of the fact that IF AMERICANS were found to have had a Torture House with Mass Graves that American troops had filled then THE WORLD would be in a rage.

And that the TERRORISTS actually FILM THEIR DEEDS and willingly put them out for the REST OF THE WORLD TO SEE their carnage BUT THE WORLD REMAINS SILENT.

What is this world coming to? I guess people will act according to the EXPECTATIONS placed upon them. And since so many on the Left view the Muslim Extremists as SAVAGES......when they act the part they are only doing what is EXPECTED OF THEM.

Case In Point Here:

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