Saturday, December 8, 2007

Iranian Nukes And The Anti-Bush Left

Alright. I just finished watching the entire week of "The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer" in which the NIE about Iranian nukes was front and center. I just listened to a radio interview with the author of "Farewell Israel" which indicated that Iran seeks to change the balance of power in the region in which their possession of a nuclear weapon puts a check on the state of Israel.

I saw that the National Intelligence Estimate stated that Iran did in fact have a covert nuclear weapons program but it stopped the program several years ago.

The key means of evaluating the structure of a nuclear weapons program, per the analysts that I have heard are the following three elements:

1) Uranium Enrichment
2) Weaponization of the Nuclear Materials derived from Uranium Enrichment
3) Development of a Delivery System (ie: a missile) to transport the Warhead

Over the past few years we have major reports that Iran has several hundred centrifuges on line now to accomplish #1. We also know that Iran has successfully fired missile systems over the past few years accomplishing #3. The NIE says that #2, the weaponization of nuclear materials has stopped.

As a result of this news various left wing entities went to work, pounding the Bush Administration on the news. They claim that Bush hyped up the proximity to "World War III" when in fact Iran had stopped their program. The fact is that Bush had said "IF Iran got its hands on nuclear weapons then the USE OF nuclear weapons could bring on WWIII".

Also the anti-Bush/anti-America American left used this report to further question the credibility of the Bush Administration. This ONE REPORT had pacified them that the Iranian nuclear threat had sufficiently subsided. They miss the fact that IRAN HAD A NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM. Furthermore I simply don't understand how the strong evidence that #1 and #3 are continuing that such a state of pacification can be had and then they switch into "America Back Off" mode.

Unchecked Iran would have a nuclear weapon by 2013, according to one report on PBS. It is my view that Iran benefits most by the actions of the Anti-America Americans who will work most to counter the American Administration who seek to place the AMERICANS in check but have so little to say about the IRANIANS.

The previous report by leftwing journalist Seymour Hersh that the Bush Administration is planning an invasion of Iran is the propaganda that is stuck in the minds of many of the people who have these ideological proclivities. At no point will Mr. Hersh have to stand and account for his words if the Bush Administration doesn't follow through on the report. However if Bush does in fact invade Iraq Mr. Hersh will be carried around like a hero to the left.

If only Iran had "progressives" within that worked to place their government in check - we might not have many of these problems.

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