Monday, December 10, 2007

The Iranian Government Cracks Down On THEIR Progressives

Boy how fortunate the American Left must be. They get to rant against their own government without fearing the crack down that their ideological soul mates in Iran are facing for opposing their government's policies.

I have been tracking this contradiction in terms for a while. Last summer there were PRO-NUCLEAR protests by students in Iran advocating their governments RIGHTS to possess nuclear weapons. This would not happen in the USA. We have anti-Nuclear protests by students all the time.

Secondly where as it is the IRANIAN government who is unmistakably cracking down on their Left wingers who are protesting against government policy - if you read Naomi Wolfe's latest book you would swear that it was the evil BUSH ADMINISTRATION who is locking up left wing activists in America.

It is clear that we need to create a "Peace Corps" for the American left where they can be sent to lands where there is a hostile environment against their ideology. They could work to fortify the left wingers in that particular place and end up neutralizing the "hard liners" on THE OTHER SIDE rather than JUST in the United States.
Article: Iranian Students Protest Against Crackdown on Activists

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