Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fayetteville Georgia Gun Store Knocked Off

Sometimes you have to step back and tip your hat to a devious plan that was successfully pulled of. I have to admit that the recent nighttime robbery of Autrey's Armory in Fayetteville Georgia was "Gangster" in nature. I live close to this store and was in there a last month looking around for a hand gun to replace the one that was stolen out of my car by some valet or mechanic during the summer.

YouTube Video: The Heist of Autrey's Armory

Whoever did this job clearly had it all planned out. According to news reports they stole a pickup truck and used it to put a chain or strap to the front doors of the gun shop. They pulled the doors open and a team of thieves flooded into the store and cleared out the gun case. I can't help but to make note of the Kel-Tec guns that I was looking at the other day which was on the left hand side of the gun case. No doubt this and a bunch of others were stolen.

Up to 75 guns costing lets say $350 on average is a total stash of approximately $26,000 in hardware. Not bad for one nights work. This also means that 75 more illegal guns are now on the streets to kill people. No doubt those receiving these guns have a high probability of being affiliated with illegal activities.

Knowing the layout of the streets I wonder how they planned their drive away from the store. They spent 70 seconds in the store and then cleared out. No doubt the alarm rang and the Fayetteville Police and Fayette Sheriff were summoned instantly. The store is on GA Hwy 314. It would be illogical for these guys to drive north bound on GA314 and risk having Fayetteville call Riverdale Police and have them to look out for a van or truck driving northward toward Atlanta. They wouldn't have driven south on GA314 because this leads directly into the city of Fayetteville and thus they would likely drive past the stream of police cars that are headed north toward the store.

The police are frequently on GA314 looking out for speeders and drunk drivers coming south from the clubs in Atlanta and Clayton county. I just wonder how these guys timed their heist so that no officer was on the GA314 strip at the wrong time making for an easy capture.

These guys were disciplined and clearly trained for this hit on the store. I hope that they are caught but you have to give them credit - they were "Gangster".

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