Sunday, December 16, 2007

And They Say That The United States Is Behind The Rest Of The World In Broadband

Comcast CEO sees 160Mbps internet in 2008

How many stories has there been lately regarding how far behind the United States is in comparison to the rest of the world in regards to broadband speeds and deployments? The fact is that these are not apples to apples comparisons. Many of these other nations are more densly populated and thus it is far easier to string a communications network to more people. The United States has great expanses of land and all of the "low hanging fruit" in the urban areas have been covered.

We hear that South Koreans enjoy 100Mb Internet to their homes while the USA is running at a snails pace of 1.5Mb. No one likes to ask the question "WHAT CONTENT IS FLOWING OVER THESE FAST LINKS"? No mention of the copyright battles that are going on regarding video content over the Internet. The writers in Hollywood continue to strike because they want a piece of the pie.

Nope - blame it all on the greedy telecomm firms. They are holding us back. This is the reason why we are behind. We need a GOVERNMENT operated WiFi network that undercuts these monopoly players. This will show 'em. (Psst: Many of these municipal WiFi networks are proving not to be viable and are shutting down. Long live HSPA and EVDO Rev A)

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