Friday, December 28, 2007

Help Me To Understand This - The Americans Are At Fault For The Assasination?

Article: Grief and anger mix after a voice is stilled

So as the logic of SOME people in Pakistan goes - the United States is to blame for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto because the United States supported the current government and it was "this Administration" who has killed her!?!?!?!?!?

Here is where I have difficulty with this logic (or lack there of) when it is expressed overseas or in the United States by the "blame America first" faction. In America officials are motivated to HIDE their actions, mistakes or incompetence because they know that they will be held accountable and have to face the consequences and condemnations there in.

At the same time many of the Islamic Fundamentalists who commit carnage now have WEB SITES and post streaming videos of their antics in order to show to the world: "LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE DONE. IF YOU DON'T WATCH IT WE ARE GOING TO DO IT TO YOU AS WELL!!! HUMAN RIGHTS AND DIPLOMACY BE DAMNED. SAVE THAT FOR PEOPLE WHO 'GIVE A DAMN' WHAT YOU THINK!". For some reason, however, THESE people escape the worldwide damnation and scrutiny of the very same people who go on the attack against the United States.

I have come to the conclusion that the "Blame America first" faction does not focus upon holding America to HIGH STANDARD as they claim. In stead in the void of focus on THE OTHER GUYS.....they actually have a SUBSTANDARD set of expectations for them as they are LESS THAN America:

* Less Account-able (ie their ABILITY to register any sort of responsibility)

* More prone to violence and savagery - so when they act as they are expected to one should be surprised.

* Where as America's actions have a measurable, deliriously impact on the rest of the world and thus IT needs to be MANAGED.....the savages only receive and respond to the actions of Americans thus in their GRIEVANCE with America we must understand their frustrations and work to CHANGE AMERICA'S ACTIONS rather than THEIRS!!!

At the end of the day folks this is CLASSICAL "SUPREMACY" at hand here. Those who claim to be all about "human rights" know that they must have a WILLINGNESS of compliance in order for there to be any chance of a group of people attempting to improve themselves with respect to a particular world standard.

When a people have a "I don't give a damn what you think of me and thus I don't care to live up to your standards" viewpoint - the typically antics of shunning and condemnation as heard from the human rights crowd is rendered moot. As a result they are left to obtain their goals via the RESPONSIBLE side of the equation.

Thus when you hear their protest marches of "Stop The Killing. End The War. Peace In Iraq/Afghanistan/Iran/Pakistan" they are ONLY talking about the UNITED STATES changing its policies so that OUR KILLING will cease. If you believe for one second that the KILLING CEASES when America withdraws you are sadly mistaken. It is a good thing that these "morally superior" protesters don't live in-country and have to come face to face with their THEORIES.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

This is a damned shame!

News report of the assassination of Bhutto

She knew that her return to her native country could prove deadly for her. I thought that the hope that she had brought to the nation would be enough to change the course of events in this tinderbox for the better.

The people with intolerant views clearly thought otherwise.

I hope that this event is not the catalyst that the killing of Arch Duke Ferdinan was in setting off World War I.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ex-boy Friend: Lindsay Lohan A Nempho?

And there's a problem with this?

In a new interview with Britain’s News of the World, Giles says that Lohan is a sex addict and he goes into somewhat graphic description of what they did together and tells of what she looks like without clothes on.

Giles asserts to the tabloid that Lohan “quit coke & got hooked on sex with me.” He also describes a mountain cabin getaway where the two went to escape rehab together. He says they locked the door, tore off their clothes and went at it “like rabbits.”

Someone needs to tell this guy that one day he will be married and balding and hearkening back on those days with Lohan as the best times of his life. Dude: enjoy the free hotel visits and keep your mouth shut.

Yes the cocaine is a problem but you weren't planning to marry her were you?

“Lindsay is so hot. She has a great body. Her backside is fantastic, perfect, all plump and round.

“She has great curves but her belly is nice and flat and toned. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

“Lindsay would tell me she loved me and I’d say that to her, too ... And I don’t say that to a lot of girls.

What a fool!

Chinese Restarantuers Corner The Market On Christmas

One benefit about being a non-Christian on Christmas is that you don't celebrate the holiday and you can open your restaurant up on Christmas day and corner the market. On Christmas day I noticed that most of the Chinese Restaurants, the buffets in particular were open while all of the other stores, sans a few drug stores were closed. Even the much hated Wal-Mart that is accused of being amoral saw fit to close their doors and allow the wounds upon their employees backs (if you allow some people to tell it that is) to heal on the day that Jesus' birth is celebrated.

There is one exception to this rule thought. The venerable "Waffle House" was jam packed with diners, some of whom no doubt said "Aw Crap! I don't have any place to eat. Let's see what is open today".

I have to admit being a victim of this unexpected Christmas Day need for food. I had expected that my wife had plans for us to go over her family's house to eat dinner. I didn't plan for lunch earlier in the day. With all of the grocery stores closed and all of the meat that is in our fridge still frozen I was stuck with the option of cracking open a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup - the condensed type where you add a can of water. I luckily found a Chinese restaurant that was hidden away in a strip mall that had cars parked in front of it. I hadn't gone there in years because they screwed up my previous order, giving me some pork dish by mistake when I ordered beef. Something must have gotten lost in the translation I figure.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Which Iraq/Terrorism Story Is More Likely To Get The Left Riled Up?

Which of the following stories is likely to get more press attention, concern from the various Left wing organizations and attention from the leftists in America's congress?

Torture house, mass graves discovered in Iraq

Inquiry into destroyed CIA tapes

Of course we all know which.
Do you find it perverted of the fact that IF AMERICANS were found to have had a Torture House with Mass Graves that American troops had filled then THE WORLD would be in a rage.

And that the TERRORISTS actually FILM THEIR DEEDS and willingly put them out for the REST OF THE WORLD TO SEE their carnage BUT THE WORLD REMAINS SILENT.

What is this world coming to? I guess people will act according to the EXPECTATIONS placed upon them. And since so many on the Left view the Muslim Extremists as SAVAGES......when they act the part they are only doing what is EXPECTED OF THEM.

Case In Point Here:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

And They Say That The United States Is Behind The Rest Of The World In Broadband

Comcast CEO sees 160Mbps internet in 2008

How many stories has there been lately regarding how far behind the United States is in comparison to the rest of the world in regards to broadband speeds and deployments? The fact is that these are not apples to apples comparisons. Many of these other nations are more densly populated and thus it is far easier to string a communications network to more people. The United States has great expanses of land and all of the "low hanging fruit" in the urban areas have been covered.

We hear that South Koreans enjoy 100Mb Internet to their homes while the USA is running at a snails pace of 1.5Mb. No one likes to ask the question "WHAT CONTENT IS FLOWING OVER THESE FAST LINKS"? No mention of the copyright battles that are going on regarding video content over the Internet. The writers in Hollywood continue to strike because they want a piece of the pie.

Nope - blame it all on the greedy telecomm firms. They are holding us back. This is the reason why we are behind. We need a GOVERNMENT operated WiFi network that undercuts these monopoly players. This will show 'em. (Psst: Many of these municipal WiFi networks are proving not to be viable and are shutting down. Long live HSPA and EVDO Rev A)

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Iranian Government Cracks Down On THEIR Progressives

Boy how fortunate the American Left must be. They get to rant against their own government without fearing the crack down that their ideological soul mates in Iran are facing for opposing their government's policies.

I have been tracking this contradiction in terms for a while. Last summer there were PRO-NUCLEAR protests by students in Iran advocating their governments RIGHTS to possess nuclear weapons. This would not happen in the USA. We have anti-Nuclear protests by students all the time.

Secondly where as it is the IRANIAN government who is unmistakably cracking down on their Left wingers who are protesting against government policy - if you read Naomi Wolfe's latest book you would swear that it was the evil BUSH ADMINISTRATION who is locking up left wing activists in America.

It is clear that we need to create a "Peace Corps" for the American left where they can be sent to lands where there is a hostile environment against their ideology. They could work to fortify the left wingers in that particular place and end up neutralizing the "hard liners" on THE OTHER SIDE rather than JUST in the United States.
Article: Iranian Students Protest Against Crackdown on Activists

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fayetteville Georgia Gun Store Knocked Off

Sometimes you have to step back and tip your hat to a devious plan that was successfully pulled of. I have to admit that the recent nighttime robbery of Autrey's Armory in Fayetteville Georgia was "Gangster" in nature. I live close to this store and was in there a last month looking around for a hand gun to replace the one that was stolen out of my car by some valet or mechanic during the summer.

YouTube Video: The Heist of Autrey's Armory

Whoever did this job clearly had it all planned out. According to news reports they stole a pickup truck and used it to put a chain or strap to the front doors of the gun shop. They pulled the doors open and a team of thieves flooded into the store and cleared out the gun case. I can't help but to make note of the Kel-Tec guns that I was looking at the other day which was on the left hand side of the gun case. No doubt this and a bunch of others were stolen.

Up to 75 guns costing lets say $350 on average is a total stash of approximately $26,000 in hardware. Not bad for one nights work. This also means that 75 more illegal guns are now on the streets to kill people. No doubt those receiving these guns have a high probability of being affiliated with illegal activities.

Knowing the layout of the streets I wonder how they planned their drive away from the store. They spent 70 seconds in the store and then cleared out. No doubt the alarm rang and the Fayetteville Police and Fayette Sheriff were summoned instantly. The store is on GA Hwy 314. It would be illogical for these guys to drive north bound on GA314 and risk having Fayetteville call Riverdale Police and have them to look out for a van or truck driving northward toward Atlanta. They wouldn't have driven south on GA314 because this leads directly into the city of Fayetteville and thus they would likely drive past the stream of police cars that are headed north toward the store.

The police are frequently on GA314 looking out for speeders and drunk drivers coming south from the clubs in Atlanta and Clayton county. I just wonder how these guys timed their heist so that no officer was on the GA314 strip at the wrong time making for an easy capture.

These guys were disciplined and clearly trained for this hit on the store. I hope that they are caught but you have to give them credit - they were "Gangster".

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Iranian Nukes And The Anti-Bush Left

Alright. I just finished watching the entire week of "The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer" in which the NIE about Iranian nukes was front and center. I just listened to a radio interview with the author of "Farewell Israel" which indicated that Iran seeks to change the balance of power in the region in which their possession of a nuclear weapon puts a check on the state of Israel.

I saw that the National Intelligence Estimate stated that Iran did in fact have a covert nuclear weapons program but it stopped the program several years ago.

The key means of evaluating the structure of a nuclear weapons program, per the analysts that I have heard are the following three elements:

1) Uranium Enrichment
2) Weaponization of the Nuclear Materials derived from Uranium Enrichment
3) Development of a Delivery System (ie: a missile) to transport the Warhead

Over the past few years we have major reports that Iran has several hundred centrifuges on line now to accomplish #1. We also know that Iran has successfully fired missile systems over the past few years accomplishing #3. The NIE says that #2, the weaponization of nuclear materials has stopped.

As a result of this news various left wing entities went to work, pounding the Bush Administration on the news. They claim that Bush hyped up the proximity to "World War III" when in fact Iran had stopped their program. The fact is that Bush had said "IF Iran got its hands on nuclear weapons then the USE OF nuclear weapons could bring on WWIII".

Also the anti-Bush/anti-America American left used this report to further question the credibility of the Bush Administration. This ONE REPORT had pacified them that the Iranian nuclear threat had sufficiently subsided. They miss the fact that IRAN HAD A NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM. Furthermore I simply don't understand how the strong evidence that #1 and #3 are continuing that such a state of pacification can be had and then they switch into "America Back Off" mode.

Unchecked Iran would have a nuclear weapon by 2013, according to one report on PBS. It is my view that Iran benefits most by the actions of the Anti-America Americans who will work most to counter the American Administration who seek to place the AMERICANS in check but have so little to say about the IRANIANS.

The previous report by leftwing journalist Seymour Hersh that the Bush Administration is planning an invasion of Iran is the propaganda that is stuck in the minds of many of the people who have these ideological proclivities. At no point will Mr. Hersh have to stand and account for his words if the Bush Administration doesn't follow through on the report. However if Bush does in fact invade Iraq Mr. Hersh will be carried around like a hero to the left.

If only Iran had "progressives" within that worked to place their government in check - we might not have many of these problems.