Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why NOW - Bush Becomes A Fiscal Miser

Sometimes I just don't get it.
For 6 years of office President George Bush has allowed for vast spending increases in the federal budget. Despite the attacks on "spending cuts" the fact is that Bush has allowed spending increases in nearly every sector of the government.

Why is it that he finally using his veto pen to cancel a project that has an additional $9 billion in DOMESTIC spending for water management related projects?

President Rejects Bipartisan Bill Authorizing Hurricane Repair, Everglades Restoration

I am with him on the attempts to not expand the SCHIP program beyond its original mandates for children that fall between Medicaid and private insurance. People should not look to the government for relief in paying their bills - especially if they no doubt have cable television and cellphone bills that they pay.

I disagree with the miserly attempts on these domestic water management projects. As floods cripple some parts of the nation and droughts scorch others it is justifiable to overspend to protect this natural resource that is so necessary and so deadly if not management correctly.

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