Thursday, November 29, 2007

Media Consolidation and Net Neutrality A Threat To Free Speech- Yeah OK

The TV station in a box

NetTVworld is working on a device that will essentially let people or small organizations more easily broadcast their own TV programs via the Internet, according to the company's CEO, Steve Baker. The black box in the picture digitizes and packetizes video streams and then sends them over the Internet.

The box itself can only broadcast 10 streams at once, but NetTVworld hopes to leverage peer-to-peer networks. With peer-to-peer, a single box can effectively send out 20,000 streams. The company has hit this number of streams in lab tests and it can probably do more, Baker said. Although the box can potentially deliver 20,000 simultaneous streams, it actually only broadcasts one single show at a time.

This thing will be opensourced in no time and at some point we are going to have TOO MANY splintered messages that we will one day wish for the days of ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

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