Sunday, November 4, 2007

Left Wing Justice And The Death Penalty

On Saturday afternoon I tuned into the radio show "Human Kind". The Saturday line up on one of the two NPR channels on Sirius typically includes the show "Justice Talking" and then "Tech Nation" and then "Human Kind". "Human Kind" ALWAYS slants left in their presentation of human interest stories. "Justice Talking" slants left but typically has an opposing point of view. Amazingly enough even the technology show "Tech Nation" occasionally inserts a show topic which gets highly political/ideological in nature. It is beyond me how they were able to stitch together a show on "torture" in the context of TECHNOLOGY for the purposes of hammering upon "THIS ADMINISTRATION".

Yesterday was no different. "Human Kind" had a show on the INNOCENCE of certain death row inmates across America. I long for the day in which any of these shows will do an episode on the NON-JUSTICE received by the FAMILIES of the now dead VICTIMS of a crime and how there are far more of them than there are innocents sitting in jail.

That same evening I tuned into Link TV, a left leaning cable channel that I thoroughly enjoy. There was a show featuring a woman who's daughter was killed by a man who is now on death row. This woman has BEFRIENDED the killer of her daughter and now is an "Anti-Death Penalty" advocate. The key concept that she kept repeating on the show is that "the DA told her that the EXECUTION of the killer of her daughter would bring her closure". She made the point that since the victim's family's wishes are of keen consideration when the death penalty is sought then likewise when the two families of the two murder victims are opposed to the death penalty then the state should grant their wishes. This is a FLAWED set of reasoning that she kept promoting.

If the family has forgiven the killer and wanted his RELEASE from jail, would the state abide by their wishes? NO - because the killer violated THE LAW and thus it is THE LAW that is being expressed in his punishment. I call for the Prosecutors to stop using the justification of "the wishes of the family" as an argument.

The bottom line in this case is that the ORIGINAL "DEATH PENALTY" was when the KILLER acted as the police, judge, jury and executioner against the now dead victim of his actions. In the system that these anti-death penalty advocates seem to damn there is a PROCESS by which justice is rendered. In the "Human Kind" show they kept pointing to the 5% error rate for death row convictions. They need to point to the 100% rate that the "one man bad" KILLER has - as he seems to get it right every time with no errors.

I long to see a Left leaning community affairs show that spends a segment focusing on the family of a murder victim as they agonize over the fact that the KILLER OF THEIR LOVED ONE is still free, walking the streets. I would love to see them report from the perspective of how "STOP SNITCHING" has rendered an environment that is SAFE FOR THE CRIMINAL. Have them show the COSTS of such a system upon the INNOCENT PEOPLE.

As left leaning sources they are inclined to report against THE SYSTEM of GOVERNMENT more than the SYSTEMATIC behavior of individuals and how THIS leads to more hurt and INJUSTICE than what the government renders.

There are some things about the left perspective that I will never understand.
Let us start off with the agreement that: HERE IS A DEAD BODY ON THE STREET. SOME HUMAN HAS KILLED THIS PERSON.

A man who pursues a course of ALLOWING THE INNOCENT TO GO FREE and then stops there IS NOT A MAN OF JUSTICE!!! While he is to be honored for allowing the VICTIM of the criminal justice system that put him in jail to go free....HE HAS NOT DONE A DAMNED THING to find the REAL KILLERS for the benefit of the VICTIM'S FAMILY.

They, in their ideological supremacy, operate off of the principle that "it is better to allow ten guilty men to go free than it is to put one innocent man in jail". As long as THEY never live in an environment where THEIR THEORIES are predominant absent a counterbalancing force - the chaos and disorder that such a theory would bring will never allow them to test this claim in its purest sense.

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