Sunday, October 14, 2007

Madonna Bags $120 Million Contract - Usual Suspects Against CEOs Silent

Madonna Bags $120 Million Contract

Let me get this straight - there is a big problem with CEOs who used to make 40 times more than the lowest worker on the totem pole and now make 400 times their amount BUT when Madonna and so many other entertainers make a mega million dollar contract they are SILENT.

If we did a formula with an JOBS CREATED/INCOME ratio these entertainers would be far lower than the CEOs.


Bronwyn said...

Sorry... who are the silent critics you are talking about?

Constructive Feedback said...

I don't know.


Bronwyn - could YOU point to a series of articles that ATTACK the excessive compensation paid to entertainers?

By the way I have a Beyonce ticket to sell for $75. You wanna buy it?

Anonymous said...

how dare madonna did that she so nasty im disaponted

Anonymous said...
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