Friday, October 12, 2007

Hey Wait A Minute Michael Moore (and Lou Dobbs)

I had the movie "The Big One" on my NetFlix list. I don't recall putting it on there. It was Michael Moore's movie about 1997!!!!!! Hey wait a minute that was Bill Clinton's term when the economy was booming.

Curious though Moore covers the subject of unemployment but PRESIDENT Bill Clinton is not ATTACKED in the movie as the incumbent as he attacks evil George Bush in his two recent films.

I have noted previously that the year 1998 had the highest number of corporate layoff than the past 10 years at that time.

I bring in Lou Dobbs because I have started (once again) to record his show (and am trying to stomach watching it). His hard hitting populism seems contrived and it can only be attractive to the highly embittered among us. But the key point is that last night when they were discussing food safety of imported meat the reporter pointed to the ping pong match between the FDA and Congress with the FDA saying they don't have the authority and the Democratic Congress saying that they never asked. Mr. Dobbs stepped in and said that it was the BUSH ADMINISTRATIONS FAULT!! This smaller government bias of the Bush Administration actually means that Americans are exposed to risk based on ideology. He went on and on and on.

Don't get me wrong - I listen to Link TV - the left wing channel and I like their muckraking. They uncover things that politicians must answer to. At least their are sincere with their agenda. Mr. Dobbs seems to have figured that this is a niche that he can exploit and he is going for it.

Maybe if and when the Democrats take over the entire Government Mr. Dobbs will show his willingness to attack equally? I won't hold my breath on him or Michael Moore, Daily Show, Steven Colbert Show, Black talk radio.....the list goes on.

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