Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When Your Company Is On The Brink.........You Go On STRIKE!!!!

Yeah UAW.
That's the way to insure job security for yourselves.
You are really going to show them!

The UAW has plans to turn Toyota's various plants into union shops by waiting for more UNEMPLOYED auto workers from Michigan to relocate to towns with Toyota plants and wait until a union favorable work force is present.

With their current strategies they are going to have a larger set of unemployed workers to deal with. $1,500 of every car GM sells goes to employee health care. The labor union needs to come to grips with the fact that the days of the PENSION are over with. I have had a 401k for the duration of my career. They fear placing money and responsibility into the employee's hands.

CNN gets the biased news reporting award. On the Lou Dobbs show, one of the show's reporters in continuing the shows theme about "The War Against The Middle Class" told of these MANAGEMENT MISTAKES that GM has made to get them into the current bind. I hear this same talking point when I debate various progressives but NONE have thus far noted that one possible MANAGEMENT MISTAKE is in yielding so much of the company's resources to the labor union and thus placing itself into an uncompetitive situation. They definitely were not talking about that mistake.

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