Sunday, September 16, 2007

Iraq vs Afghanistan

I just finished watching CNN "Special Investigative Unit". They did a piece "Afghanistan - Under The Veil" in which they reviewed the nation 6 years after the American invasion to see how life is today after the Taliban has been disposed of. Where as this piece was very fair - it showed that FUNDAMENTALISTS don't easily change I could not help but to notice the great double standard and hypocrisy between the political cajoling of Iraq vs Afghanistan.

Where as the call in Iraq is for the US troops to leave so that the people can settle their own issues via their government give and take.....In Afghanistan many of these same left wing politicians point to the PROBLEMS that have been allowed to brew up due to the ABSENCE OF enough US troops to keep a lid on the radical fundamentalists. The CNN report showed how today young girls who were banned from school in the country are now in school. The major challenge, however, is that the international community has FAILED to deliver the funding that was promised to meet the demands for schools to house these girls. So the USA is condemned internationally by "Peace Actor-vists" for our military engagement YET the rest of the world who did not "waste" their money on the military industrial complex but have FAILED to come through with humanitarian support are allowed to skate free.

Where as some of the people opposed to the Iraq War because it was an "unjust war" (Barack Obama) they support the war in Afghanistan because they are the one's who attacked us on 9/11. REALLY? Sure Al Queda attacked the USA. Sure it was the Taliban that gave portions of Al Queda cover.......but surely you can't tell me that the current surge by the Fundamentalists in Afghanistan are connected to 9/11 and thus we should send troops there to put them down? This is nothing more than a CONTRARIAN piece of rhetoric that they know will never be followed upon - but it sounds good.

Today's Afghanistan is evidence that 6 years is not enough time to change deep seeded views of the world. Short of KILLING THEM ALL and depending on the kids to develop new culture - the SAME CLAIMS that MILITARY cannot be the only means for societal change must be the same in Afghanistan as it is in Iraq.

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