Saturday, September 1, 2007

IRAN Bombs Iraqi Villiage - Don't Worry The World Won't Say Anything

Iran reportedly bombs villages in northern Iraq

MARDOW, Iraq - As explosions boomed in the distance, a Kurdish woman stood outside her house and pointed to where shells scorched parts of her father’s grapes and plum orchards.

“It was a bad day when some 20 shells hit our village in a single day last week. We were crying as we prayed to God to protect us from the bombs of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Serwa Ibrahim, one of the few remaining villagers in Mardow, about 25 miles from the Iranian border.

Where there is typically condemnation of US military actions of a similar vein it is doubtful that the usual suspects will say anything about the actions of Iran in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

You have tons and tons of excellent well thought out articles in your various blogs.

Why does no one comment? Ever? Are you blocking comments?

Constructive Feedback said...

I am not blocking any comments.

I have counters on all of my blogs and no doubt people are reading the posts.

Many of these same people have their own blogs and also are ideological adversaries of mine. They prefer to run run with their own ideological pursuits while running from the points of exception that I make.

As of 2 months ago I have removed the pre-screening of comments prior to them appearing for the sake of removing any aura of censorship. As long as they are not a pure attack - there will be no censorship of comments.