Monday, August 27, 2007

UAW & Their Failed Atttepts To Unionize "Red State" Auto Plants

So the story goes - the UNION is responsible for providing high wages and good working conditions, not the actual company who employs the people. We see who provides the benefits when the evil corporations moves away and the union is left behind with their "living wage" mandates.

Now the unions have switched to a different tactic it seems. They are depending on laid off union workers from the idle rust belt states to infiltrate these new Southern state auto plants and flip the staff toward unionization in due time.

Does anyone notice that these foreign auto manufacturers when given a choice of where to setup their plants chose these Southern, "Right To Work" states? Despite the claim - these non-unionized work forces are making good money and they have a good working environment. All the while the legacy "Big 3" auto makers are preparing for massive job cuts and possible salary and benefit reductions. Why on Earth would someone seek to move south and RECREATE the conditions that lead to failure?

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