Sunday, August 5, 2007

Michael Moore Battles Wolf Blitzer

I listened to the re-broadcast of Michael Moore debating Wolf Blitzer on a number of topics - particularly health care and the Iraq War. It seems that Dr. Sanjay Gupta is now an "enemy of the state" in in Moore's world and after one film Moore is now a greater expert in the medical field than is Dr. Gupta.

Now get this Moore says that Gupta's credibility is shattered because he was an imbeded reporter with the AMERICAN TROOPS IN IRAQ!!!!! I can only guess that Moore would shower praise upon him if he were to hang out with the insurgents that we are fighting there. Blitzer set Moore straight, telling him that Gupta actually went to the Army field medical camps and reported from a MEDICAL PERSPECTIVE on how these doctors were using medical techniques to save people's lives....US Soldiers, Iraqi combatants and innocents.

It seems that Moore's magical exlier is to have THE GOVERNMENT to take over the health care system and this move alone is going to be the fix for all that plagues us. Why doesn't he note that where as today the evil health insurance firm who is denying coverage is simply going to be replaced by a government bureacrate who's effective actions will be the same as EVENTUAL BUDGET CUTS/CONTAINMENT will have rationing or make certain procedures unavailable due to constraints.

Till then some people will look forward to the day in which the government provides a fee nanny for all new mothers to assist them in their recovery. Just like in France. I take it that the African immigrants who a few years ago had nightly protests against the government weren't pacified by their healthcare coverage.

It is hard to believe that someone actually support Dennis Kucinch - that'd be Michael Moore.

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