Monday, August 6, 2007

If Bush Did Not Invade Iraq These Suicide Bombers Would Not Be Forced To KILL THEIR OWN PEOPLE!

So goes the logic of those who are painted into the logical corner with their stance on the war in Iraq. I have long said that one essential element of the analysis of some is the assumed INFERIORITY and SAVAGRY of the Iraqis as the precontext of their attempts to manage the war via a war against George Bush. For one debate opponent no action done by the Iraqis after the fact can be placed upon their shoulders EVEN AFTER THE AMERICANS DEPART. Bush's invasion set off these series of events and we thus must look at the source. Of course this il-logic also inherently means that the rule of Saddam was acceptable and all that he did was just since it had the country kept in check even if terror was the primary means of accomplishing this.

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