Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bill Moyers - Propagandist & Operative #1

I have to admit that I love watching the Left Wing media. (I just picked up the latest version of International Socialist Review magazine yesterday in order to read up on what their hero Hugo Chavez was doing).

I tape the Bill Moyers Journal every week just to hear what he has to say. Since I am in the telecommunications business it is always interesting in listening to his latest rant. This week he is claiming that media consolidation is harming American's ability to get the news.

I am forced to map this claim against what I saw last weekend. With a house guest from Jamaica we were able to listen to direct radio broadcasts FROM JAMAICA live in our kitchen firmly planted (and dry) in the United States.

While we are being treated to a whirlwind of new media and means of forming social networks - Mr. Moyers and his left wing conspiracy theorists are fearing that "old media" is dying because of its consolidation, mostly due to their inability to make a profit due to the great loss in consumers who are going elsewhere. How is it that in a time of innovation Mr. Moyers and others are claiming that we are in fact LOSING?

I bet that if we were on the verge of the development of the automobile industry Mr. Moyers would be fretting the loss of the horse carraige manufacturing companies.

After watching his very slanted documentary about "Losing our Internet" I realize that there is no hope for Mr. Moyers. I am glad that even leftwing politicians have thus far rejected his claim that "Net Neutrality" is needed. What Mr. Moyers and other anti-capitalists don't realize is that the access networks that they are exposed to at the local level "does not the Internet make". They seem to be oblivious to the million dollar switches that aggregate traffic and send it across the nation at OC-768 speeds. In their hatred of corporations they are inclined to hurt investment in the next generation Internet architecture that SURELY won't be paid by those getting FREE Internet access nor from Google who makes its money from advertisers.

What kills me the most is the opening of Mr. Moyers show. After listing the contributions from the various "foundations" that were funded by rich industrialists that USED TO sit attop CORPORATIONS when gets to "The Mutal Of Omaha" he makes the point that is it their "our sole corporate sponsor". I must also note that he had Bill Gates on for a civil interview. It seems that after years of CORPORATE actions to create wealth Mr. Gates is now a "good guy" because he has largely retired and is handing out his billions for good causes. If Moyers had his way - Gates would never have been able to amass his fortune in the first place.

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