Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Proof Of Supremacy In The Terror War

Afghan Police Find Body of Second South Korean Hostage

Once again the so called "War On Terror" produces evidence of the asymmetric war that is being fought before our eyes. All acts of brutality and terror by the US forces make it to the front pages of various left leaning news sources. The tales of an American solider claiming to have witnessed various atrocities done by American soldiers in Iraq are published in the left leaning New Republic magazine.

For some strange reason, however, the Talliban, Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda in Iraq can do whatever they please and the news reports of their brutal actions do not raise a whimper by these same forces of "Global Justice for Humanity". You want to set off a chlorine bomb, which has been banned as a weapon since WWI? Be my guest. Just don't be an American doing it. You want to kill hostages as a condition of provoking other action out of your enemy - Geneva Treaty be damned? You had better make sure that the human rights groups in your nation are thoroughly intimidated thus maintaining their silence.

The fact of the matter is - for one to express his moral outrage as a condition of getting another to change his behavior - this other beings must GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK for your views to impact him. Thus since these agents listed above don't care about what these human rights groups think - they are nullified.

But it goes both ways - these Human Rights groups believe that these rogue agents are INFERIOR to the US forces so when they act out as such they are only doing what they are EXPECTED to do.

This war cannot be resolved until the Human Rights groups and the Muslim entities around the world demand of these people as they make demands of the United States.

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