Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pro-Illegal Immigrant Leftists; We Can't Create A Patchwork of Laws At The State Level

So said the defenders of illegal aliens on the "NPR". They were debating the policies adopted in the town of Hazelton PA to crack down on illegal aliens.

The argument used by those who sought to protect the illegals against unfair punishment is that the Federal Government has the responsibility for the enforcement of immigration policy and thus states and cities should not be allowed to pass laws on the subject lest we have a patchwork of laws across the country.

As I listened to this argument I couldn't help but think about several issues in which they are inclined to think just the opposite, by-passing the feds if they are seen to be too slow:

* the adoption of Auto Emissions standards in excess of the Federal standards
* a "patch work" of state minimum wage laws
* "states rights" when it comes to the legality of medical marijuana
* ditto for assisted suicide

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