Sunday, July 1, 2007

Islamic Group Finally Speaks Out Against The Use Of "Torture"

On the PBS show "Religious And Ethics Weekly" the Islamic group "Islamic Society of North America" was seen condemning the use of torture. This would be noted as a monumental and positive step forward EXCEPT...........they were talking about the government of the United States and its use of TORTURE.

I continue to hold out hope that somewhere in this world there is someone, some good meaning Progressive somewhere on this Earth who can explain the rules and the logic about what I have seen with my own eyes for the past several years!

Where as the world community has a keen eye out for the "atrocities" of the USA and report them with vigor, these same people are SILENT when it comes to the daily atrocities and down right barbaric and inhumane actions of many of the people who are fighting in the name of Islam.

*Where as the United States was thoroughly condemned for using what was thought to be "white phosphorus" in a bombing raid in Fallujah Iraq because it is a banned substance..........the "freedom fighters" in Iraq were using chlorine bombs to cause mass casualties. You see chlorine as a weapon was banned since World War I because of the great indiscriminate harm that it caused to ALL living things in its wake. I did not hear a peep out of this same conscientious community who now speak.

* Where as the USA was condemned for "desecrating the Qua'ran" when some soldiers faked as if they were flushing it down the toilet in one of the US prisons.....Muslim extremists routinely desecrate the book when they destroy the book during a bomb blast that also "desecrates" the Muslim that was carrying the book in his arms upon leaving the mosque. Both his body parts and the bits of the holy book that are strewn on the streets receive little condemnation from those who are pushing for a higher level of humanity in the world.

* Where as the various soldiers at Abu Ghrab prison secretly took pictures of the "torture" they were conducting against Iraqi prisoners - as they had them stacked naked, simulated electrification and had a raging dog inches away from a frightened prisoners body...oh and I can't forget the onerous action of sleep depravation. All the while this was going on under the threat of prosecution of these US military agents......the Muslim Extremists actively published their various decapitations, flooding the images out on the web. They wanted to publicize their unambiguous torture for the world to see.

This has been the most ASYMMETRIC war on record. I am not speaking of the differences in the armor between the fighting forces, clearly the USA is superior. I am speaking of the level of expectations and the management there in by the world's Human Rights bodies. They seem to EXPECT savagery from the Islamacists and thus when this is expressed....."it goes without saying". The supremacists assumptions must stop and the Islamacists need to be condemned by their Islamic brotheren as well.

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