Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Domestic War on "The War on Terrorism"

The current coordinated insurgence by various leftwing forces in the United States is unmistakable. Adding to these voices is Senator Dick Durbin on CNN today and the latest editorial attack by the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Cynthia Tucker.

In both case it is Bush who is at fault for the thinking and actions of Al Qaeda. Had Bush only stayed in Afghanistan and killed Bin Laden - the world would be at peace today.

The key point that I notice is that the Anti-Bush faction must argue on the basis that "the other direction" would have proved to be more successful. We must buy into this notion and, more importantly, accept the point that the PEOPLE WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST would have been mollified had we simply killed their leader and stayed out of Iraq. Where as now there is finally an Al Qaeda threat in Iraq - as long as they get to mention that BUSH'S ACTIONS DREW THEM THERE......we are not allowed to make note that had we stayed in Afghanistan that we, still being "infidels" would have drawn them to Afghanistan.

Thus we are left to conclude 'Afghanistan' good, 'Iraq' bad. It is funny that the same people who said we walked into the country of Iraq without permission want us to do the same in Pakistan to kill fighters who are in the mountains. No need for UN permission this time.

The political clouds are shaping up in America where the Democrats just might get their chance to take over on POLICY, since the current one is so failed - if you allow them to tell it in their domestic war against the war. What they will soon find out is that those who we are fighting have brains and are not partisans in the American political jousting match.

I personally hope that the Democrats win and thus have control of the 2 most active branches of our government. The holes that they have dug for themselves on many issues will prove unsurmountable.

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