Saturday, July 21, 2007

CEO vs Entertainer Pay

For the life of me I will never understand certain things in this world. A good friend of mine told me about his "date" last night with his wife to see Beyonce while she was in town. They, and about 50,000 other [strike]suckers[/strike] individuals paid $100 per ticket to be entertained by Beyonce.

The way I calculate it Beyonce and Mr. Noles made out pretty good last night.

50,000 x $100 per ticket = $5 million take for about 3.5 hours of entertainment. (There were a few other opening acts).

Flip over to the charge against the corporate executive. The common rant is that where as "back in the day" the CEO made about 40 times the amount of the lowest worker in the corporation and now it is more than 400 times that amount........I can recall where tickets for concerts were $19.50 and $25. A few short decades later and now it has gone past the $50 mark when Whitney Houston was hot and $75 when Luther did his final tour to a point where it is now $100 per pop.


I bet that many of the people who attended last night's concert having shelled out $100 are also some of the people who complain that their public schools are underfunded as compared to the "suburbs". I am sure that this $100 could have purchased about 3 text books for their children.

Beyonce is said to have a Net Worth of $315 million (

Why is it that we hear searing attacks against Richard Grasso of the NY Stock Exchange or Nardelli of The Home Depot....but few people say a word about the gross inflation of salaries for entertainers.

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Anonymous said...

Class warfare or coveting, it is wrong. The occupy crowd
Should get rid of there cell phones, turn of the cable service stop blogging and help a family member with the dishes.