Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pro-Illegal Immigrant Leftists; We Can't Create A Patchwork of Laws At The State Level

So said the defenders of illegal aliens on the "NPR". They were debating the policies adopted in the town of Hazelton PA to crack down on illegal aliens.

The argument used by those who sought to protect the illegals against unfair punishment is that the Federal Government has the responsibility for the enforcement of immigration policy and thus states and cities should not be allowed to pass laws on the subject lest we have a patchwork of laws across the country.

As I listened to this argument I couldn't help but think about several issues in which they are inclined to think just the opposite, by-passing the feds if they are seen to be too slow:

* the adoption of Auto Emissions standards in excess of the Federal standards
* a "patch work" of state minimum wage laws
* "states rights" when it comes to the legality of medical marijuana
* ditto for assisted suicide

Proof Of Supremacy In The Terror War

Afghan Police Find Body of Second South Korean Hostage

Once again the so called "War On Terror" produces evidence of the asymmetric war that is being fought before our eyes. All acts of brutality and terror by the US forces make it to the front pages of various left leaning news sources. The tales of an American solider claiming to have witnessed various atrocities done by American soldiers in Iraq are published in the left leaning New Republic magazine.

For some strange reason, however, the Talliban, Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda in Iraq can do whatever they please and the news reports of their brutal actions do not raise a whimper by these same forces of "Global Justice for Humanity". You want to set off a chlorine bomb, which has been banned as a weapon since WWI? Be my guest. Just don't be an American doing it. You want to kill hostages as a condition of provoking other action out of your enemy - Geneva Treaty be damned? You had better make sure that the human rights groups in your nation are thoroughly intimidated thus maintaining their silence.

The fact of the matter is - for one to express his moral outrage as a condition of getting another to change his behavior - this other beings must GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK for your views to impact him. Thus since these agents listed above don't care about what these human rights groups think - they are nullified.

But it goes both ways - these Human Rights groups believe that these rogue agents are INFERIOR to the US forces so when they act out as such they are only doing what they are EXPECTED to do.

This war cannot be resolved until the Human Rights groups and the Muslim entities around the world demand of these people as they make demands of the United States.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Banks Making Big Bucks From Overdraft Fees

Banks pull in $17.5 billion in overdraft fees

I am all for capitalism and "let the market decide" but these banks are out of control. In theory their new automated systems to validate identitites and make it easier for us to access our money should allow them to reduce their fees as automation takes the place of human intervention. Instead fees have become a profit center for them. In allowing you to use your Visa Debit card to make purchases when you don't have money in your account they know that you are going to be hit for $35 per pop.

I try to use my credit union debit card for petty cash purchases so that I don't allow the mega bank's fees to hit me. I wish that a bank, seeing an opportunity to take customers away from banks who are raking in money when their customers make a mistake will offer a checking account with a $15 maximum NSF fee.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Domestic War on "The War on Terrorism"

The current coordinated insurgence by various leftwing forces in the United States is unmistakable. Adding to these voices is Senator Dick Durbin on CNN today and the latest editorial attack by the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Cynthia Tucker.

In both case it is Bush who is at fault for the thinking and actions of Al Qaeda. Had Bush only stayed in Afghanistan and killed Bin Laden - the world would be at peace today.

The key point that I notice is that the Anti-Bush faction must argue on the basis that "the other direction" would have proved to be more successful. We must buy into this notion and, more importantly, accept the point that the PEOPLE WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST would have been mollified had we simply killed their leader and stayed out of Iraq. Where as now there is finally an Al Qaeda threat in Iraq - as long as they get to mention that BUSH'S ACTIONS DREW THEM THERE......we are not allowed to make note that had we stayed in Afghanistan that we, still being "infidels" would have drawn them to Afghanistan.

Thus we are left to conclude 'Afghanistan' good, 'Iraq' bad. It is funny that the same people who said we walked into the country of Iraq without permission want us to do the same in Pakistan to kill fighters who are in the mountains. No need for UN permission this time.

The political clouds are shaping up in America where the Democrats just might get their chance to take over on POLICY, since the current one is so failed - if you allow them to tell it in their domestic war against the war. What they will soon find out is that those who we are fighting have brains and are not partisans in the American political jousting match.

I personally hope that the Democrats win and thus have control of the 2 most active branches of our government. The holes that they have dug for themselves on many issues will prove unsurmountable.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

CEO vs Entertainer Pay

For the life of me I will never understand certain things in this world. A good friend of mine told me about his "date" last night with his wife to see Beyonce while she was in town. They, and about 50,000 other [strike]suckers[/strike] individuals paid $100 per ticket to be entertained by Beyonce.

The way I calculate it Beyonce and Mr. Noles made out pretty good last night.

50,000 x $100 per ticket = $5 million take for about 3.5 hours of entertainment. (There were a few other opening acts).

Flip over to the charge against the corporate executive. The common rant is that where as "back in the day" the CEO made about 40 times the amount of the lowest worker in the corporation and now it is more than 400 times that amount........I can recall where tickets for concerts were $19.50 and $25. A few short decades later and now it has gone past the $50 mark when Whitney Houston was hot and $75 when Luther did his final tour to a point where it is now $100 per pop.


I bet that many of the people who attended last night's concert having shelled out $100 are also some of the people who complain that their public schools are underfunded as compared to the "suburbs". I am sure that this $100 could have purchased about 3 text books for their children.

Beyonce is said to have a Net Worth of $315 million (http://www.knowyournetworth.com/celebrity_net_worth.html)

Why is it that we hear searing attacks against Richard Grasso of the NY Stock Exchange or Nardelli of The Home Depot....but few people say a word about the gross inflation of salaries for entertainers.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

CNN Says Iraq Invasion Pissed Al Queda Off But They Were Cool With Afghanist

Note - Approximately 5:45pm eastern on CNN

A guest commentator on CNN made the case that after 9/11 we "had to" invade Afghanistan and the Muslim world who had much sympathy understood why we invaded Afghanistan.

Shortly afterward when the United States invaded Iraq the Muslim world turned against us. Now they are wearing Osama Bin Laden t-shirts in support of his efforts.

This is what pisses me off folks. Where as the evil Fox News is called to the carpet for their claims CNN and MSNBC are allowed to say relatively what they want and get away with it.

Did anyone listen to the latest video from Ayman al-Zawahiri? He listed HIS hotspots for Al Queda's war against the infidel as "Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somolia".
How is it that Nancy Pelosi continue to claim that Iraq IS NOT a front on the "War On Terrorism" when the leader of the terrorist faction that we are fighting states that IT IS?

One has to believe that if evil Bush did not invade Iraq that Al Queda and the radical Muslims around the world would be loving the United States at this point. No one seems to ask them "the next logical question" as they spout their rhetoric.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Multi-Million Dollar Compensation - Spice Girls vs the CEO

I never claimed to be able to understand the way things work with respect to political/ideological outrage that takes place within this country.

The Spice Girls $20 Million Reunion Tour

Countless number of public CEOs have been dragged through the coals over their excessive compensation packages. $1 million, $10 million, $25 million, or the $100 million retirement/severance packages have been panned by the general public. All of this is accompanied by the stat that in the past the CEO made 40 times that of the average worker and now it is over 400 times.

Why is it that the entertainment industry is not inspected in the same way? 5 Spice Girls x $20 million is $100 million. This involves practice in getting the dance moves down, traveling to various cities, photo ops and then the actual concert. Not bad for $20 million a pop.

I ain't hating on them....just noticing the selective outrage.

Who creates more jobs between the Spice Girls and the evil CEO?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sicko - Michael Moore's Green Grass On The Other Side

Propaganda: noun: information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause

As I watched the documentary movie “Sicko” I could not purge my knowledge of “the other side of the story” to stop wondering why Michael Moore did not attempt to tell about what we know from recent news events that all is not rosy in the nations that he has visited during his medical tour. Clearly the North Africans who rioted for several night straight in France a few months ago didn't fully appreciate the benefit of free health care and a government agent who would come to their houses to assist with their babies. This ungrateful bunch they must be. Why didn't they see the France that these middle class, mostly White people who frolicked in the spirit of love in the parks and near water fountains that were shown in Michael Moore's movie. Of course the Cuban people who risk their lives to come to “screwed up America” do so because they know if they reach the point of near drowning or if they are stranded at sea for several days with exposure.....they can return to Cuba and receive free health care. With that risk removed their journey out of Cuba as one less worry standing in the way.

Michael Moore is guilt of propaganda. I say this not to say that there are not major problems with the American system that needs to be addressed – they do. I say this because Michael Moore's attempt was to promote the notion to people who either simply don't know or to people who are otherwise inclined to believe as he does that “there are somethings in life that are FREE”.

In my discussions I talk a lot about the attempts to ABSTRACT the COST of certain resources from the PRICE PAID for certain resources by the consumer. Michael Moore has violated this concept from start to finish in his movie. While the consumer of the inhaler is charged $0.05 per unit the cost of producing and shipping these items was not this paltry among.

Michael Moore's movie was equivalent to an aggrieved homeowner setting out a mouse trap. In doing so you go to the pantry and pick out the sweet smelling peanut butter or an aromatic piece of cheese with the goal of attracting your intended audience based on their senses but not the REASON. As I sat through the movie and listened to all of the “Free stuff” that was piled on to Moore's tale a cash register was going off in my head along with questions of “Who is paying for this stuff?”

Moore used the nation of France and their tendency to protest as a positive. I recall working as a consultant for a large global national corporation in my home city. They had an employee from France that had a long term assignment in their world-wide headquarters because of the project that I was assisting on. In his view as a Frenchmen getting anything accomplished in France was impossible due to the propensity of wildcat strikes which often shut down the country. Interestingly, however, Mr. Moore did not include the policies of the newly elected French president who's mission is to cut France's benefits so that she can be more competitive in an EU and world that is seeing jobs transfer out of France which is a high priced center for doing business over to former Eastern Bloc nations or elsewhere. I still could not get past the central question of the government nannies that Michael Moore posted in his movie. If these Northern African immigrants were brought to the streets in night after night of firery riots over their lack of jobs and their economic conditions, why didn't the government absorb them as “nannies” and other service agents for the Euro-socialist state? Might there be a racist undercurrent to the system in France?

In a timely NPR radio show on the drive home from seeing the movie an otherwise sympathetic health care analyst panned several element's of Michael Moore's depictions in the movie. He indicated that both England and Canada DO HAVE problems with long waits for medical services. France's system has avoided being plagued by these problems for a variety of reasons. (NPR's “Radio Times” in Real Audio- http://www.whyy.org/rameta/RT/2007/RT20070703_20.ram)
The bottom line of all of this is ECONOMICS. All health care systems in the world must juggle these three variables as they operate their systems

1) The cost of services provided to the consumer
2) The availability of medical procedures and drugs to the consumer (routine versus advanced)
3)The timeliness (ie: wait times) to of health care services provided to the consumer

Michael Moore panned the notion of a “for profit” corporation acting as the rationing agent for health care. These entities focus on cost containment rather than liberal provisions of services. The fact is that in a government system the rationing agent becomes the government. The same executive that makes the call in the corporate system becomes the government bureaucrat who is making the call in a government operated system. In the corporate model the executive might make a bonus for saving money. As England has shown over the decades of spending cuts and cost containment is the fact that the lack of funds in the system in aggregate provides the very same rationing that Mr. Moore has criticized. The economic theorem that there is no free lunch stands resolute.

United States
Marginal Tax Rate: 33%

Marginal Tax Rate: 53%

Marginal Tax Rate: 40%

Marginal Tax Rate: 47%

Marginal Tax Rate: Unknown

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Islamic Group Finally Speaks Out Against The Use Of "Torture"

On the PBS show "Religious And Ethics Weekly" the Islamic group "Islamic Society of North America" was seen condemning the use of torture. This would be noted as a monumental and positive step forward EXCEPT...........they were talking about the government of the United States and its use of TORTURE.

I continue to hold out hope that somewhere in this world there is someone, some good meaning Progressive somewhere on this Earth who can explain the rules and the logic about what I have seen with my own eyes for the past several years!

Where as the world community has a keen eye out for the "atrocities" of the USA and report them with vigor, these same people are SILENT when it comes to the daily atrocities and down right barbaric and inhumane actions of many of the people who are fighting in the name of Islam.

*Where as the United States was thoroughly condemned for using what was thought to be "white phosphorus" in a bombing raid in Fallujah Iraq because it is a banned substance..........the "freedom fighters" in Iraq were using chlorine bombs to cause mass casualties. You see chlorine as a weapon was banned since World War I because of the great indiscriminate harm that it caused to ALL living things in its wake. I did not hear a peep out of this same conscientious community who now speak.

* Where as the USA was condemned for "desecrating the Qua'ran" when some soldiers faked as if they were flushing it down the toilet in one of the US prisons.....Muslim extremists routinely desecrate the book when they destroy the book during a bomb blast that also "desecrates" the Muslim that was carrying the book in his arms upon leaving the mosque. Both his body parts and the bits of the holy book that are strewn on the streets receive little condemnation from those who are pushing for a higher level of humanity in the world.

* Where as the various soldiers at Abu Ghrab prison secretly took pictures of the "torture" they were conducting against Iraqi prisoners - as they had them stacked naked, simulated electrification and had a raging dog inches away from a frightened prisoners body...oh and I can't forget the onerous action of sleep depravation. All the while this was going on under the threat of prosecution of these US military agents......the Muslim Extremists actively published their various decapitations, flooding the images out on the web. They wanted to publicize their unambiguous torture for the world to see.

This has been the most ASYMMETRIC war on record. I am not speaking of the differences in the armor between the fighting forces, clearly the USA is superior. I am speaking of the level of expectations and the management there in by the world's Human Rights bodies. They seem to EXPECT savagery from the Islamacists and thus when this is expressed....."it goes without saying". The supremacists assumptions must stop and the Islamacists need to be condemned by their Islamic brotheren as well.