Monday, June 25, 2007

Racism In Cuba? No Way!!

New attitudes on once-taboo race questions emerge in Cuba
by McClatchy Newspapers

Why is it that if you suggest to a Black American revolutionary that racism in America is not as bad as it used to be you will likely be dismissed as he points out continuing high unemployment rates, police brutality and other slights and ask "Am I supposed to feel thankful that they took their feet halfway off of my neck?" but in Cuba the mention of how the perpetual "Revolution" has allowed many Blacks to come out of the sugar cane fields but they remain more poor than the average Cuba - who is poor? Cuba which what 69% of its population with African blood has them far underrepresented in the Revolutionary government.

The fact is that many Black Leftists in America have a soft spot for Cuba (and Venezuela) and are willing to go uncritical of problem that they are screaming about in their home country of America. I get the sense that they are more interested in suppressing great gaps in wealth between people. As long as everyone is suffering relatively equally - these people who love this system of government from afar will continue their support from the comforts of evil United States of America.

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