Monday, June 25, 2007

Racism In Cuba? No Way!!

New attitudes on once-taboo race questions emerge in Cuba
by McClatchy Newspapers

Why is it that if you suggest to a Black American revolutionary that racism in America is not as bad as it used to be you will likely be dismissed as he points out continuing high unemployment rates, police brutality and other slights and ask "Am I supposed to feel thankful that they took their feet halfway off of my neck?" but in Cuba the mention of how the perpetual "Revolution" has allowed many Blacks to come out of the sugar cane fields but they remain more poor than the average Cuba - who is poor? Cuba which what 69% of its population with African blood has them far underrepresented in the Revolutionary government.

The fact is that many Black Leftists in America have a soft spot for Cuba (and Venezuela) and are willing to go uncritical of problem that they are screaming about in their home country of America. I get the sense that they are more interested in suppressing great gaps in wealth between people. As long as everyone is suffering relatively equally - these people who love this system of government from afar will continue their support from the comforts of evil United States of America.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

South Africa Does A "Ronald Reagan" To Striking Nurses

South Africa: Striking Nurses Fired After Warnings

I get the sense that part of the reason why many Africans and other melanated individuals who immigrate to this country bring forth such a different perspective than what is likely to be heard from a native born African-American is that they often come from countries where they are "the law". In doing so there is no external force who they can point to as the source of their problems. (They leave this act to Americans who love them from a distance, telling them that it is the World Bank and the IMF, thus the Western Powers who are the cause of all of their ills).

This is a reasonable action by the government of South Africa to a group who was given due warning about the consequences of their actions.

Venezuela's Chavez Says TV Station Shutdown A Victory Over USA?,0,7877318.story?coll=sfla-news-caribbean

I have to give credit where credit is due. In this case this credit certainly goes to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He has learned a very important skill in the process of getting what you want, the best interests of the people be damned. You see the key way to do this is to couch all of your efforts in the spirit of "working against the enemy". You sell your flock on this notion and then, watch out, the world is your oyster.

In this case Mr. Chavez has convinced the unwashed masses, and his leftist supporters in the United States that in shutting down the most popular television station in the country he has instead done a good thing. They were promoting filth on screen. He is going to replace the station with more wholesome content, you know - government owned propaganda.

What gets me the most is that there is a large Black leftist faction in the United States who have a soft spot for Chavez in their heart. Since Fidel Castro is on his last legs they have turned him in for a younger model. I can only ask - if a political figure in the United States yanked the license of let's say Pacifica Radio or Link TV for strictly political purposes as they too are highly critical of our government - how would our leftist American friends respond?

Thus far I have heard nothing from Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Cornel West nor Tavis Smiley on the subject of Hugo Chavez's act of censorship. They all visited the man over the past few years. They believed that it was important that this man be allowed to express his voice concerning the imperialistic actions of the United States on this southern continent and the damage that was done. If only they had a similar concern about the voice of the opposition to Chavez - who actually live under his rule - and they show concern about their expression. Chavez, the great liberator, has just taken away their voice.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Purpose Of This Blog

This blog contains all of my rantings that don't fit the mold of my other two blogs.

Funcational Culture - A non-political review of Black culture and community. I attempt balance the submissions between affirmation of conscious Black people with some hard hitting criticism of our culture and how in its current state it is failing to TRANSFORM us as a people.

Within The Black Community - Is an unabashed critique of the policies stemming from the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers and how their initiatives do harm to our community and ultimately keep us stuck where we are today. I try not to go into general US politics/policy on this site. It is WITHIN the Black community only.

Thus the need for this 3rd Blog. Often times when I want to fire off a rant about the Iraq War, International Terrorism or American relations to the rest of the world the discipline applied to the other two blogs prevent me from making posts and thus taking the content off course.

This 3rd blog is an expression of the Uncategorical Rantings that fall outside of the other two.